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06 September 2007 @ 08:26 am
Let's make a list  
Here are some of the things that I don't have (and I feel fine).

a running car
cell phone
mp3 player
credit card
clothes that I didn't buy used
digital camera

What are you doing without that you don't even miss?
Jeremydefusi0n on February 15th, 2009 01:29 am (UTC)
computer/internet service
mp3 player/portable cd player
microwave oven
clothes that I didn't get for free

as soon as my contract is up, no more cell phone.
I'd sell my car if public transportation went to my parents house.

Libraries have great computers, and now I find myself doing more enjoyable things, like playing piano and reading.
theyatemytailortheyatemytailor on July 20th, 2011 02:32 am (UTC)
tv/home phone/cd player/dvd/vhs/my own car (i share)
/books that aren't used/makeup/shampoo (i wash my hair with $2 conditioner!)
/fad diets (i am so done with that shit)/accessories (i carry a $7 canvas bag for a purse)/
salon cuts (i cut my own hair)/shoes that cost more than $20 a pair

theyatemytailortheyatemytailor on July 20th, 2011 02:39 am (UTC)
Also, designer bras. I go to outlet stores (like burlington coat factory) that have ok bras for $4 or $5 a bra. Considering how fast bras fall apart, I refuse to pay more than that. And they usually have cuter D or DD bras than any place else.

And you know what victoria's secret is? No one with a fat ass can wear her flimsy shit. I'm not a size 12, I'll never be a size 12, and I have no desire to be a size 12. Chocolate is more important to me than a number in the back of my clothes.